Get a Fun Birthday Party with Face Painting

You might have seen birthday parties with children having face paints and sure thing, its fun.  So you might have thought of also having face paint to your next child’s birthday party.

… but if you’ve tried it you probably know that it is not quite as easy as it looks. But then I found a guide on the second day at an English blog on where they had described a completely different way of doing it, who received one, even someone like me to appear as a hero artist.

The trick is to find some different-shaped rubber stamps and some ink (make sure it would be stained on the skin), and so stamping out the pictures on the face or arms and then just paint inside the lines like in kindergarten.

I found a lot of painting stamps at the danish web shop a google search for painting stamps will also get a lot of US results) which also sells  lot of things to paint and to be creative. You must have an ink pad which has designed as so put on an acrylic block and then you have such low pressure, which can also be created with face painting.

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  1. I loved the idea of having face paints at the party for the kiddies however I was also worried I wasn’t able to do this correctly without hiring a professional painter! I decided to give it a go and it turned out perfect, I followed guides and also purchased templates. It was the highlight of the party, everyone was running around happy as larry :)

    Such a good thing to have at a kids party! got some great pics

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