How to Create Beautiful Butterflies Face Painting

In my quest for more instructions on how to create beautiful face paintings for kids birthday without it being too difficult, I found these two videos showing how to create some really beautiful butterflies.

In the first part  it talks about what tools you need when doing face painting, such as spunges, thin, medium thick and thick brushes, face paint and a bowl to wash the brushes.

She then shows how to easily make a good face painting and starts by drawing the surrounding points which have to be painted afterwards.


The other video here shows that it is easy and quick to have several colors together as rainbow colors, which is done by painting  5 colors at once.

She has made a second one where she draws a butterfly on the face of herself,  it takes a little longer, but it is probably faster for you to paint the faces of the children for their birthday parties.

In the last video I found out which I thought was good to show how to make a quick face painting, she makes a butterfly in the face of her daughter. It takes a little longer when she explain some while, but it is also what makes you learn what is being done.


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