Face Painting – How to Paint a Pirate

For a week or so ago I made my first post about face painting, since I had seen a super cool way to make a nice face paint on a stamp and then draw inside the lines afterwards, so it looked like a professional’s work.

When my daughter was at a birthday party here in the autumn they had been painted at the party and everyone was really happy withit, so I thought it would be a good topic to write about, so over the next few weeks, I find some some guides for how to paint the kidsto different themes without it being too difficult.

The first thing I’ve found is a couple of videos showing how to draw a nice pirate in the face. They represent actual pirate hat on his forehead, but it looks reasonably cool. Eye flap also drawn directly over the eye, but it must look really authentic out, you can also buya flap for eye cheap.

Do you have any comments on the videos or have you even tried to make a pirate, you are welcome to make a few tweaks below …

In this video from Disney, it doesn’t just show you how to paint a pirate, but  it also shows you a little about what tools you need when doing facepainting


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