Beautiful Decorations for Muffins

Some time ago I found a website that had a lot of guides around party events and such. I fell over a guide on how to create your own decorations for muffins and other items of that sort, and thought I would share it with you here. Now it’s made for a first birthday party, but...

Delicious Recipe for Muffins with Creamy Tops

Hi found this recipe for some delicious creamy muffins and thought it might me just share with you. Muffins are often quite easy to make and this recipe is no exception. They can be used to supplement birth day food and cake, or instead of birthday cake. Ingredients you need...

Delicious Birthday Muffins

 I found this recipe the other day and thought of sharing it because muffins are always a hit at any party and specially colored ones like these here at a kids birthday party. The designing of them could even be part of the birthday party’s activities where the kids get to use different icings and...


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