HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA – perhaps not for the youngest kids

We are definitely going to see ‘HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA’ when it comes out. I think it would be a blast for most kids if you took them to see that for their birthday, but it might not be for the youngest, though it doesn’t seem scary, it does have most of the characters that young kids are...

Beautiful Decorations for Muffins

Some time ago I found a website that had a lot of guides around party events and such. I fell over a guide on how to create your own decorations for muffins and other items of that sort, and thought I would share it with you here. Now it’s made for a first birthday party, but...

Face Painting for Beautiful Fairies – Video Guides

I found a few videos, which shows you how to easily make pretty faces with face paint, so children will resemble various fairies,whether it is garden fairies , winter fairies and more. Have you tried some of them off, let me hear about it in the comments box...

Face Painting – How to Paint a Pirate

For a week or so ago I made my first post about face painting, since I had seen a super cool way to make a nice face paint on a stamp and then draw inside the lines afterwards, so it looked like a professional’s work. When my daughter was at a birthday party here in the...

Why buy party favors for kids birthday online? Why!

We’ve created a fun little cartoon about a father who must keep a child’s birthday party and ….. … well, see it yourself:  

3 Steps to a Successful Childrens Birthday Party

There are many things that can be done to get a successful birthday party, so I’ve looked around on web and gathered some of the best steps to get a super birthday party. See 3 of them here: 1. Prepare all the activities It is important that you pre plan the activities of the day so...

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Is kids visiting your house for halloween?

We've just had a scary soundtrack created for the halloween party and would like to give it to you for free, if you would test it for us and let us know how it worked out when the kids came to visit your house

Thank you, we will just send you an email confirming that you are you :)