Birthday and Treasure hunting at the kingdom

The treasure hunt is always a big hit, and can be used for almost all the themes of children’s birthday parties.

Here I found another treasure hunt with 6 posts at a danish website, that will do very well at the boy’s or girl’s birthday with princes,princesses and knights.

  • 1. post: The evil Barrel rider is a dangerous enemy, and you must have a magical armor that can protect you. Make a knights armor ready (cut pieces of cardboard sprayed with gold / silver, elastic cross in the back; glue a cut image on to it), choose between a Knight of:
    Boys – (Gold “armor”, right-sided): The lurking lion, the wild tiger, the Tearing Eagle, red Dragon, the smoldering Wolf, the roaring Bear.
    Girls – (Silver “armor”, rounded in form): the White Unicorn, the leaping horse, the whistling swan, The breathtaking lily, the brilliant diamond.
  • 2. Post – shield: (cardboard with piece cut out in the middle or use cords for handles) – small versions of ornaments symbol glued on. Swords / sticks might get a “banner” of gold / silver fabric tied on.
  • 3. post: Knights must get ready for the impending battle, a little sword training is needed! Use your imagination and playground equipment;who can be trained on stumps, on balancerails, perhaps. against each other – see who falls first. They must train running and practice battle crys (preferably simultaneously!), And finally can the knights battling till the sweat pops. If Dad is fresh on a knights game, the knights stand up in line and fight a few battles against him. Then the knightsare ready to approach the evil knight, Barrel rider!
  • 4. post: The evil knight barrelRider has learned evil magic of his mother, and to exorcise all the knights, he has written your names, cut all the letters out and have messed them up in a bag! Hurry to find the letters in your names and glue them on your armor – before the evil spell makes you forget your own name!
  • 5. post: The evil knight has baked magic balls and hung them up in the trees (or jungle gyms) – hurry to get them down! (After this battle, lemonade or soda can be served to the thirsty knights, along with the buns which curiously is not magical buns when they come down from the tree!)
  • 6. post: The Evil knight Barrelrider must be defeated, then the fairies will be free again – the need for a run & a rallying cry before the knights, one after another, go to attack (after one hit you get back in the queue and continues until the barrel / straw doll is defeated): “I ​​am Nicholas, knight of the red dragon – move up or I’ll beat you with my sword! “When evil is overcome, there is a message from the fairies inside: there is obviously little flower petals / feathers / pallietter in the letter, the kind of sprinkles incessantly from fairies: “Thank you dear brave and gallant knights, we are now finally free and have taken our fairy figures and has flown home to the fairy kingdom. in return we give you all this gold (chocolate coins), and a little candy to strengthen you.

See a list of things to prepare for the treasure hunt here.

Have you had a treasure hunt at some of your parties? Tell how it went below here.

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