You do not have to spend a fortune on birthday

The other day I found an article which describes how limousines, role-playing and events for several thousand dollars had been used over birthday cakes and playing in the garden for children’s birthdays.

They round it off with the fact that there is no reason to throw one self over the costly activities because kids can easily make do with a walk in the woods, states the leader of Danish School Officials, Anders Balle. He says that he sees parents who do not dare invite the classmates home by the fear that it is not ‘good enough’.

The educational consultant John Halse, tells that many parents drown their children’s desire to have fun with friends and be at the heart of selfstaging events, like a ‘surplus family’ who can afford it all.

We have never had the feeling that there were looked down upon those who had a birthday party with more expensive activities.

We’ve always made food and cakes and even before we started with paper plates and cups for birthdays, we bought them as often in the shops when they were on sale, although it is not often or we would just use white plates. But our oldest is also just about to be 8 years, so it may come to have more importance when they get older.

However, I thought mostly it’s just about having fun for them, so a birthday meal that tasted good and has there been some good games, then it has been a success. Whether it’s the right brands and characters actually means most to the adults than the children.

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