Preparing for the kingdom’s treasure

Before the treasure hunt in the Knight’s party you must prepare the armors for the children. Placing pieces of cardboard with two rubber bands sitting in a cross on his back. For boys it may be a little edgy design and spray painted with gold color, and for girls it can be a little lighter and rounder and spray painted with silver color.

Yo can print out A4 images of cool and beautiful animals where the children can choose different ones.  The first post is a symbol that they can color with crayons and glue onto the armor . A similar symbol, only smaller, is in the second post and can be glued to the shield (a spray painted round piece of cardboard with strings attached as a handle)

An Evil BarrelRider: either a carnival barrel painted and dressed as an evil knight, or a straw doll .. it should just be something that can be hung in a tree and beaten to pieces with toy swords or sticks!

Treasure hunt with clues: either the children can navigate the route themselves or an adult can follow and show the way. Entries can be anything. See here for some suggested items.
The children are sent out on a treasure hunt with armor and shields, and each must find his or her sword or stick. The Fairy FeatherWings has been captured and you must save her! Find each of your sticks/swords, so you can fight her abductor!

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