How to Make Rainbow Cakes (Face Painting)

The first video here shows how you can make your own rainbow colors with Diamond FX colors used in most of the videos here.

Cool Party Bags for Kid’s Birthday

I surfed around a bit the other day on the “World Wide Web” of ideas for kids birthday and came across a post on a blog called westmose where she had made ​​some really cool candy bags.  The interesting thing is that they were made from milk cartons … As you can...

Different Accessories for a Pirate Party

Are you having a pirate party then it can be done with a lot of different accessories related to the pirate theme and there is a lot of favors that can be used, either purchased or homemade. Some of these includes: Treasure map Eye patch Pirate flag Wooden leg Pirate hats Gold coins Bandana Ea...

What birthday invitation do you want?

We need to make an invitation for our webshop, but we are not sure if we should start on an invitation with jungle theme that fit the jungle animals, paper plates and cups below or if I should do something for girl’s birthday party to fit the paper plates and mugs with...

Celebrate your Kid’s Birthday with a Jungle Theme Party

Another way to make your kid’s birthday fun and exciting  is to have a jungle theme party. It may just be a general jungle party or you can add some familiar characters and create a single theme such a the Jungle Book.  I loved the cartoon jungle book even when I was a child, and would really wish I...

Birthday with a Princess Theme

The Princess party is one of the most popular children’s parties ever, so we are making a big list of princess party themes that will include only the best birthday party planning ideas submitted by parents around the world. You could read through the page of Princess party ideas...

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