What is the difference between a pirate and a buccaneer

I was searching the other day after what the prices were on different costume equipment for pirates that could be used at a party with pirates, because a few people had been asking about costumes and accessories for pirate birthday parties.

I then found a site where different people had indicated what the difference was on a pirate and a buccaneer … if some of it is true or not, I do not know, but they are very funny some of them, so I though I’d post them here.

The difference between a pirate and a buccaneer:

  • It is spelled differently
  • A pirate is a robber at sea while a buccaneer can be on land
  • A pirate steals music while a buccaneer steals the bucks …
  • Pirates pillage, torments and plagues while buccaneers just likes to go treasure hunting
  • Pirates have a patch over one eye while the buccaneers have a patch over the other eye.
  • Pirates have cool hats while the buccaneer just have a rag on his head.
  • Pirates have hooks instead of one hand while buccaneers always have 2 hands.

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