Fun Game with Clamps for Birthday

I got a  letter from a woman called Jette about a game you can play with clothing clips which sounds to be really fun if you are having a children’s birthday party.

You need some cloth clips to the game and she writes that the difficulty is equal to 1, which is easy, and children of most ages can play it.

Props: 5 cloth clips per participant

All participants for the birthday party are provided with 5 clothespins to start with. The game is, in all its simplicity, about getting rid of these pins by placing them firmly on the other participants, the one that gets rid of all his or her pins the first AND HAVE NOT GOTTEN ANY ON THEMSELVES has won. And that is what is both difficult and funny.

It is a good game because even small children can participate. Arrange a bounded area where the game takes place inside a hall and a larger space like the lawn outside.

It would be a very fun game as Jette even have used for a birthday party.

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