Delicious Birthday Muffins

 I found this recipe the other day and thought of sharing it because muffins are always a hit at any party and specially colored ones like these here at a kids birthday party.

The designing of them could even be part of the birthday party’s activities where the kids get to use different icings and then eat them afterwards, or together with the parents when they come to collect the kids after the party.


  • 125 g plain flour
  • 150 g sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Vanilla Sugar with real vanilla
  • 1 ½ tsp Baking Powder
  • 50 g soft butter
  • 125 ml milk
  • 1 egg size L
  • 12 pcs Couriered muffin cups


for the Vanilla Icing

  • 250 g of icing sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla essence
  • 75 g butter
  • about. 2 tablespoons of milk
  • Pastry or fruit color of your choice
  • Sprinkle in mixed colors (sprinkle)



  1. Mix flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and baking powder in a bowl.
  2. Crumble the butter into the flour mixture and stir it together, so it looks like grated cheese.
  3. Stir half of the milk into the flour mixture and stir until batter is free of lumps.
  4. Whisk the remaining milk with the eggs and stir the batter well.
  5. Stir 1-2 minutes until dough is well blended and pour it into muffin cups.
  6. Bake at 175˚ C for 20-25 min.
  7. Feel it with a fork or knitting needle to see if the cakes are baked.
  8. As long as there is dough on the fork, the cake is not baked.
  9. Cool the cakes on a wire rack.


  1. Mix the icing sugar and vanilla grains, and crumble the butter into the mixture.
  2. Beat it first at low speed and add the milk a little at a time.
  3. Whisk until it is light and fluffy, at least 5 min.
  4. Decorate cakes with vanilla icing and sprinkles.


The cupcakes will look really nice on a stand like this one, that I found on amazon here.
It might be cheaper in your local cake accessories store, but where I am it was really expensive, something like 2 times more that what I got it for at amazon, incl. shipping.

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