How to Make a Treasure Map for Treasure Hunt

Creating a treasure map for treasure hunting and letting the kids figure out the clues can be a challenging and entertaining way to spend time with children It also  stimulates their imagination and sense of mystery. The procedure for making a good map is: 1. Choose a material for the...

Why buy party favors for kids birthday online? Why!

We’ve created a fun little cartoon about a father who must keep a child’s birthday party and ….. … well, see it yourself:  

3 Steps to a Successful Childrens Birthday Party

There are many things that can be done to get a successful birthday party, so I’ve looked around on web and gathered some of the best steps to get a super birthday party. See 3 of them here: 1. Prepare all the activities It is important that you pre plan the activities of the day so...

New Birthday Invitation for Prince and Princess Party in Fantasy Land

I have made a new free birthday invitation that you can download and print out to invite to all the kids for the birthday party. This time it’s with a prince and princess and a castle in the background and some fantasy trees. the invitation text is designed so that it can be used...

Cool Party Bags for Kid’s Birthday

I surfed around a bit the other day on the “World Wide Web” of ideas for kids birthday and came across a post on a blog called westmose where she had made ​​some really cool candy bags.  The interesting thing is that they were made from milk cartons … As you can...

New Free Birthday Invitation with Monkeys in the trees

I have made a new funny birthday invitations, which this time is designed from the birthday set with paper plates and cups with monkeys swinging in the vines of the jungle. A good birthday invitation to a birthday party with outdoor theme or a jungle feast inside. You can...

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