A Healthy and Yet Fun Way of Celebrating Birthday Party

Birthday Candy may well be both sweet without being unhealthy. You can fill small goody bags or paper-cones with goodies like dried fruits, fresh fruit and popcorn or set pieces of fruits on long skewers – it is both festive, delicious and tempting!

Place small bowls of fresh fruit at the birthday table and arrange the fruit on a platter, so it looks like a happy face.

Birthday fruit salad
Serve fruit salad into serving glass
– banana
– grapes
– orange
– melon
– berries

Festive fruit on skewers
Washed and peeled and putthe fruit on skewers.
– strawberries
– kiwi
– Banana

Healthy candy bags
– Popcorn put on line like a pearl necklace
-oatmeal balls
– Liquorice
– Dried fruits like apricots and pineapple
– Clementines

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